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Searching Vip Sex What can too much sex do to a woman

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What can too much sex do to a woman

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When it comes to sexhowever, a lot of guys like to think their horizons are unlimited.

You can never have too much sexMr. But are guys really telling the truth about the amount of so they can handle or even how much they want to have?

Some facts: It's 86 times per year for to year-olds, and 69 times per year for those ages 40 ro Or are you just doing what people do? Sex Addiction in the Digital Age.

If alcohol is consistently creating problems for you, then you might want to look at your drinking. Sex is the same way.

StreicherM. SchiffM. The key in this scenario, he says, is that the amount of sex being had by the couple is so much more than either person usually has week-in and week-out.

Schiff also says that an extremely high frequency of sexual intercourse may damage the skin of the penis and vagina, which can lead to disease transmissions through open cuts or wounds and increase your chances of certain illnesses. As long as people do it safely, having a lot of pyschologically and physically healthy sex can be a wonderful thing, says Stephen SnyderM.

Again, it's the quality, not the quantity, that's important. Or, as Weiss says: More Advertise with us.

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