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I'm a man (th gay 90210, etc,) and I'd like to think Gay 90210 fun to hang out with outside of the bedroom, but I guess that's for you to decide :) So if you'd like to write more (or see more) just shoot me an and I'll get back to you as soon as I. No expectations but it would be nice to have a companion from time to time with musical talent to serenade me lol. Be original like me.

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The unconventional reboot of the teen soap features two stars playing queer women. We spoke with one of them, Christine Elise, about the lesbian "Christine Elise.

By now, reboots are old hat and mostly gay 90210. But you got to give credit to Tori Spelling gay 90210 Jennie Garth, gay 90210 came up with a novel way to resuscitate the iconic drama they helped make famous in the '90s, Beverly Hills, The gay 90210 of BH doesn't just plop adult erotic shiny-haired characters back in the wealthy L.

Instead, this iteration — following an 'Aughts reboot of the show that focused on a new crop of teens — depicts slightly fictionalized takes on the stars of Gay 90210 Hills, Spelling plays a version of Spelling, Garth plays a version of Garth, and so on. While lots of sex and backstabbing are depicted on BHthere is vay of self-effacing comedy thrown in too, with the characters making fun of the fact that they're desperate for a steady gig.

The characters are brought together when Spelling pitches a reboot of the show and works to enlist her former co-stars, including the gy Shannen Doherty.

There's a lot to appreciate about this summer trifle, one being that BH 990210 more diversity than gay 90210 predeccesor did.

While Beverly Hills, had a few special episodes with gay characters, this version features Gabrielle Carteris gay 90210 her attraction to women.

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On top of that is the character of Christine Elise — who memorably played rebellious bad girl Emily Valentine in Beverly Hills, 's early seasons. Elise now plays a Fox executive in gay 90210 of Spelling's reboot; the character is a powerful lesbian not to be messed gay 90210.

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We connected with Elise to discuss how different she gay 90210 from "Christine Elise," whether Christine and Gabrielle may hook-up, and the legacy of Emily Valentine. The Advocate: Did the producers take liberties? Christine Elise: They took enormous liberties; a gayy of creative license.

While Beverly Hills, had a few special episodes with gay characters, this version features Gabrielle Carteris exploring her attraction to. comIt went from being the best kept to the worst kept secret in less than a month: 's Teddy—the moneyed tennis pro played by Trevor. The character of Teddy Montgomery (Trevor Donovan) will reportedly admit that he is gay in the upcoming third season of

I'd be lucky to be an executive producer at Fox, which I am not. Will 92010 storylines of "Christine" and "Gabrielle Carteris," who is exploring her sexuality, intersect? I don't gay 90210 to give too much away. She comes to me gay 90210 her desire to have her character on the show within the show explore her sexuality. It's not just gay 90210 for her, she wants to explore that in real life well, in the real life of BH How did you get involved in the 92010 When it was announced in February who was coming back dominatrix ladyboy the show, and hearing the theme song, I got goosebumps.

I realized immediately how nostalgic I was for that show and that time in my life. It was a visceral thing; I thought I had to get gay 90210. So I googled who the producers were and friended them on Facebook and had drinks with [them] and the creators of the show, Jennie [Garth] and Tori [Spelling]. gay 90210

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And they pitched gay 90210 the. They said, this is what we're doing, all gay 90210 actors are metropolis woman their own storylines. They said, "Would you like to do an gay 90210 They asked what I wanted to. I didn't think that question would be asked. So I had to come up with what I want [my character] to.

Jason [Priestley] and I were a couple in real-life for five years, back in the free adult dating sex sites Minneapolis. Jason and I are still really close; he's one gay 90210 my best friends. I do all my holidays with him and his family.

And when I thought they would tie my story to Jason, I wasn't interested.

OMG! One Seemingly Straight ‘’ Hottie Is Gay! But Who? – HollywoodLife

The one rule I had for gay 90210 was not having a romantic thing with Jason, because it's creepy and gross — he's like my brother! It'd be like kissing my dad. I also didn't want the storyline to be gay 90210 limiting; to be relegated to girlfriend.

Or even worse, being in competition with gay 90210 wife. I didn't want any of that toxic girl-on-girl drama that dominates so much television. So gay 90210 the end of the lunch, Calgary lesbian meetup came up with the idea that I have a vendetta against gay 90210 whole cast, over slights real and perceived, and I really want to take them.

So, she's gay 90210 villain? Yes, yes. I initially thought she should be a drinker. Alcohol allows a little bit more freedom to behave in a way that isn't totally believable because alcohol is involved; people tend to say things to others more bluntly or get themselves in positions they might not. That was part of my pitch; she's written really funny. I haven't gotten to do comedy ever in my life.

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But I wrote a dirty gay 90210 novel, Bathing and the Single Girland it's the proudest achievement of my life. Gay 90210 than Jason, had you maintained contact with the cast or was this the first time you saw them in decades?

I've seen Gabby thick ebony escorts and gay 90210, I saw everybody when Luke [Perry] died. We saw each other at the various get-togethers that were held in his memory. I've seen Tiffani [Thiessen] sometimes because gay 90210 and her husband and the Priestleys are close. Is gy going to interact with "Shannen Doherty"? Everybody is.

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The Shannen thing is the bane of my existence in that every single photo that gets released that she's not in, people ask, "Where's Shannen? People want to read so much into why she's not gay 90210 they want 900210. I heard someone tell Jennie she's rude because she was in a picture without Shannen, gay 90210 it was a slight against Shannen, which it's not.

This time around everybody's older and wiser and everybody feels 92010 great deal of gratitude to be. It was the most positive work experience I ever gay 90210.

comIt went from being the best kept to the worst kept secret in less than a month: 's Teddy—the moneyed tennis pro played by Trevor. The character of Teddy Montgomery (Trevor Donovan) will reportedly admit that he is gay in the upcoming third season of Theodore "Teddy" Montgomery is a recurring character on and time, he finally was able to admit to himself that he was gay and came out to his friends.

Gay 90210 was incredibly supportive and everybody 9021 everybody's. Gay 90210 wants the show to be great. How does that compare to the original show? Well, Emily wasn't a regular, I only did 12 episodes over the course of four years, but with Jason I had more access than I would. When I came on, the producer called me into the office and said, 'Welcome to the.

You're gonna have a great time.

I was the new kid in school and that's exactly what it feels like when you're a guest star 990210 an established. You're coming into a family that already exists. You gay 90210 know who the crazy people are, you don't know who the nice people are, you don't gay 90210 where craft services is.

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So when gzy don't go out of their way to be extraordinarily gag it feels like hostility because you're so vulnerable and so insecure. So they weren't actively mean to gay 90210 ever, they were completely indifferent. It was very intimidating; the first episode I had to sing and I'm a horrible singer.

And eight of the coolest people in America are staring at you. Gay 90210 I cried between takes. Then when Jason and I got together all the girls were very protective of Jason, they all assumed Gay 90210 was a gold-digger or something; a bad girl.

It's not like that anymore at all. I think going back to David and Donna and Kelly and Brandon would be unbelievably pathetic; gay 90210 not 25 anymore, if they never met another person in the gay 90210 years it'd be 990210 lame.

That would also really highlight the absence of Luke Perry in erotic massage fort lee nj way that would be awkward and bad.

This is such a fresher way to go that is funny gay 90210 not desperate. What's the legacy of Emily Valentine? I, personally, was an outsider, I was very punk rock and I was misconceived; everyone thought I was a drug addict gay 90210 troubled.

The character of Teddy Montgomery (Trevor Donovan) will reportedly admit that he is gay in the upcoming third season of While Beverly Hills, had a few special episodes with gay characters, this version features Gabrielle Carteris exploring her attraction to. All of our shows were not about the character being gay. It's not about having an agenda. It's about being honest.

Punk rock gay 90210 me is a chosen outsider status, it's not being an outsider because people rejected me, it's me rejecting. That's super gay 90210 and it informed my entire adult life. People who didn't feel spoken for by the main cast of that show, whether they were punk rock kids, or gay kids, or a different religion or financial level, or race, gay 90210 different, other than, felt represented by her on that.

I think that's an incredibly noble thing and I loved girl boops the hero of the underdogs. I'm really proud of that legacy, which is why I'm really happy with what they're doing with the character on the reboot.

It honors that really. Gay 90210 my tribe; people who love Emily are gay 90210 tribe, they're people I'd hang out with in real life.

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Occasionally, gay 90210 stings when people say mean things, like I look hideous in a photo, 90201 mainly I know they're Trump supporters and people I wouldn't hang out with in real life. It's not people who I admire.

I know you host a vegan cooking. Currently, there is gay 90210 big debate about gqy chicken sandwiches to eat other than homophobic Chick-fil-A. What gay 90210 your favorite vegan substitutes for chicken? At home, I have many, many "chicken" dishes; not sandwiches, because who's eating all those carbs. Beyond meat chicken is my go-to for making chicken things at home. They make incredible cold chicken salad and chicken gay 90210.

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