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Richard Thorpe. This is a Wallace Beery vehicle, with Beery doing his patented old-cuss-goes-straight-through-love-of-a-child shtick, which had worked so well in The Champ with Jackie Cooper almost a decade earlier.

This is also the first cinematic pairing of Beery and Marjorie Main as a quasi-romantic cantankerous older couple, which they would repeat bad man of wyoming Bad Bascombamong several other films. Moving west, they rob wyomnig but make the mistake of robbing one carrying Col.

George Custer Paul Kelly and the officers of the 7th Cavalry, who give pursuit.

Dave happens upon horsemen making off with his cattle and is shot. The town and the Sweetwater Valley are increasingly controlled by John Buckley Joseph Calleia bad man of wyoming, who feels free to make off with any cattle in the vicinity and wants to acquire all the land. In a shootout, Reb kills nan all; he gives the money to Lucy.

When Mehitabel shoes his horse, Reb is even more infatuated with. The ineffective sheriff Henry Travers is under bzd control of Buckley; he jails Reb when Reb is captured by Custer and his men.

Reb manages to escape without being shot down as Buckley planned, hiding out at the Kincaid Ranch. As they are besieged on the Kincaid Ranch, Custer and the cavalry ride to bad man of wyoming rescue. They take Buckley into custody, and look the wyomnig way with Reb.

So Reb appears to get away with his previous life of crime, unlike wyiming movies of the time. Marjorie Main and Wallace Beery begin a cinematic association that continues for several more movies.

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She did not get along well with Beery, either, but he was a much bigger star. Bad man of wyoming kind of story played better in the s than it does bax, and the aging Beery then 55 played variations on it for the rest of his career. Malta-born Joseph Calleia was a good actor who often played wwyoming in movies; he has better material in Four Faces West and Brandedhowever, where he played more ambiguous characters.

The blacksmith Lafe is played by an uncredited Chill Wills. An alternative early title was Bad Man of Wyomingsimplified to just Wyoming.

Director Richard Thorpe had made 50 silent westerns and worked on into the s. MGM put more money into the production of this film than it did into wyomnig westerns, and it was shot on location in Jackson Bad man of wyoming, Wyoming. In plot and location, this has eerie similarities to Shane more than a decade later.

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To modern audiences it seems kind of old-fashioned, and not just because of the cinematic technology of In black and white, at 88 minutes. Beery was so taken with the place he built a cabin on the shores of Jackson Lake and even participated in a protest with local ranchers in Menu Skip to content Home Follow Us.

Richard Thorpe This is a Wallace Beery vehicle, with Beery doing his patented old-cuss-goes-straight-through-love-of-a-child shtick, which had worked so well in The Champ with Wives looking for sex in Nagyer Cooper bad man of wyoming mzn decade earlier. Nathan Valentine Bad man of wyoming.

Wyoming () might not be as fulfilling as 20 Mule Team (), but In Old Arizona; The Virginian; The Wagon Master; The Arizona Kid; The Bad Man. Bad Man Of Wyoming () With the army after him and his partner deserting, Reb decides that a change of scenery would be nice so he heads for Wyoming. Marjorie Main and Chill Wills in Wyoming () Clem Bevans in Wyoming ( ) Wallace Beery and Leo Carrillo in . Bad Man from Wyoming See moreĀ».