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Today gf-machine Freezing iqf manufacturers come to the gospel of sugar friends, how to correct blood sugar control.

For diabetic patients, the diet requires low-fat, low-salt, digestible, high-dietary fiber. It is necessary to ensure nutrition, but also has a low glycemic index, which is conducive to blood sugar control. The following foods can be appropriately selected:

Soybeans and their products. In addition to protein, inorganic salts, and vitamins, these foods contain more unsaturated fatty acids in soybean oil, which can lower blood cholesterol and lower blood triglycerides. effect.

Coarse grains. Experiments have shown that they have the effect of delaying the rise of blood sugar. The cornmeal, bean noodles and white noodles can be made into triple-faced taro, pancakes, and noodles in a ratio of 2:2:1. Long-term consumption is beneficial in lowering sugar and reducing fat and reducing hunger.

A variety of vegetables. Like green leafy vegetables, you can eat more and eat as much as you can. Try to buy fresh food. Especially cucumbers and tomatoes, these two kinds of foods have almost no calories and sugar and are also rich in vitamins, which can be used as a meal between meals to reduce hunger.

Sometimes “lazy” is more likely to reduce the blood sugar production of foods. For example, do not make coarse grains, do not cut vegetables, and eat whole beans without grinding. These “lazy” methods make the digestion and absorption time of food in the gastrointestinal tract prolonged, thus making The glycemic index of the food becomes lower, which is beneficial to the control of blood sugar. In addition, rice and vegetables should not be soaked for a long time. When you wash rice, use fewer hand rubs. Wash the vegetables first and then cut them. Cut them before the pot. Don't cut too small to avoid the loss of nutrients. The meat can be cooked first by removing the fat attached to it, or boiled and boiled invisible fat.

In addition, in the cooking process, it is best to use cooking methods that can preserve the original nutrition of the food, such as cold salad, boiled water, steamed, steamed, stewed, these methods are low-fat, light and refreshing, and less nutrient damage. Try not to add oil or less oil, salt, sugar, soy sauce should be placed less, you can also use the fire to fry, this can reduce the loss of vitamins.

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